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The St. Agnes CYO Football Program provides an environment that is conducive to the development of leadership, character, teamwork, responsibility, and success in today’s young men.   We have successfully instilled a very specific skill set that emphasizes creativity, focus, competitiveness, loyalty, strategic thinking, and a strong work ethic in a generation of young men of all backgrounds.   The program has consistently demonstrated that an individual’s measurable growth in that core skill set significantly contributes to a young man’s mental and physical development and maturity while fostering genuine, long-term, self-esteem and self-awareness. While there are certain health risks with any physical activity, at St. Agnes, improving player safety has been our #1 priority since the program’s inception in 1998. The St. Agnes CYO Coaching staff has been certified by the nationally acclaimed “HEADS-UP” Safety Program! The program’s successful record of child safety speaks to the dedication that our staff has devoted to each of our young men’s health and well-being. Among the major safety innovations that the program has pioneered, to date, are:

Legacy of Success

5th and 6th Grade Team 7th & 8th Grade Team
Record 141 – 45 – 2 Record 125 – 67 – 2
1998 4 -6 Coaches Invitational Bowl 4 – 6 no post season play
1999 8 – 2 Parade of Champions 6 – 5 no post season play
2000 11 – 1 Parade of Champions 4 – 8 no post season play
2001 7 – 5 Coaches Invitational 8 – 2 – 2 Parade of Champions
2002 10 – 2 – 1 Parade of Champions 9 – 2 Parade of Champions
2003 10 – 1 Archdiocesan of Philadelphia Championship 7 – 4 Parade of Champions
2004 10 – 1 Archdiocesan of Philadelphia Championship 7 – 5 Coaches Invitational Bowl
2005 10 – 1 – 1 Parade of Champions 6 – 5 Coaches Invitational Bowl
2006 12 – 0 Archdiocesan of Philadelphia Championship 7 – 5 Parade of Champions
2007 8 – 4 Archdiocesan Playoffs 11 – 1 Archdiocesan of Philadelphia Championship
2008 8 – 2 Parade of Champions 11 – 2 Parade of Champions
2009 9 – 1 Archdiocesan of Philadelphia Championship 6 – 5 Archdiocesan Playoffs
2010 10-0 Archdiocesan of Philadelphia Championship 9 – 2 Parade of Champions
2011 6 – 5 Parade of Champions 8 – 2 Archdiocesan Playoffs
2012 6 – 5 Archdiocesan Playoffs 11 – 0 Archdiocesan of Philadelphia Championship
2013 4 – 5 no post season play 8 – 4 Archdiocesan Playoffs
2014 8 – 4 Archdiocesan Playoffs 3 – 9 no post season play

2012 Championship Game (St. Jerome’s Game film)

Here’s what some of the local high school coaches had to say about the St. Agnes football program.

“St Agnes Football has been an integral part of our success at West Chester Henderson. Stag players come to our program having been taught sound fundamentals and a love for the game. In the 2015 season alone, at least six St. Agnes and Henderson alumni will be suiting up as scholarship award winning football players for some of the most elite universities in the nation. We are proud to informally call ourselves the Henderson Stags” – Steve Mitten, West Chester Henderson, Head Football Coach

“Bishop Shanahan loves to get football players from St. Agnes. They understand the game. They work hard. They love to compete. They make your program better!” -Paul Meyers, Bishop Shanahan High School Head Football Coach

“St. Agnes players are key to our program at Malvern Prep.  They come to us with a great work ethic, an incredible understanding of the game and they understand the importance of team.  St. Agnes was also one of the first Heads Up programs in the area, so they have that tutelage as well”                    – Aaron Brady, Malvern Prep, Head Football Coach

“St. Agnes football players are always very fundamentally sound. They are eager to work hard, and ready to WIN! – Dave Guerera, West Chester East, Head Football Coach

“The boys coming out of the St Agnes program are always well prepared for football at the high school level.  They are very competitive and most importantly, make GREAT teammates” – Gabe Infante, St. Joe’s Prep, Head Football Coach

“Since Rustin football started in 2006, a number of student athletes from St. Agnes have made major contributions to the success of our program. These students have made enormous contributions academically and athletically to our school. Special thanks to the St. Agnes football coaches for preparing these kids for high school.” – Mike St. Clair, West Chester Rustin, Head Football Coach

“The St. Agnes football program is one of the top programs in the area.  Several division one players have come from the program.  As a proud former coach of the St. Agnes football program and an alumni of the St Agnes athletics program, I know that hard work and dedication is ingrained in their athletes; All their players have respect and do extremely well in high school.   The St Agnes program betters the community and develops kids as young successful men.” – Edsel Torres, Cardinal O’Hara High School, Assistant Head Football Coach

“The St. Agnes CYO football program is among the most respected middle school football programs in the area. We love getting kids from St. Agnes because they are always very competitive, hard-working, and respectful.  Whether they are playing for us or another area high school, they are always among the best kids on the field.” – Mike Murphy, The Haverford School, Head Football Coach

“St. Agnes program has been one of the top programs in CYO for the last 15 yrs. Their coaches always have the boys prepared to play at very competitive high school football programs in the area. Good students, great athletes and excellent teammates are attributes that you can expect from a Stag football graduate.” – EJ Moyer, Coatesville High School, Defensive Coordinator

Each year when we target prospective student/athletes to recruit we make sure St. Agnes is at the top of the list of teams to go see. Coach Dunn and his staff do an excellent job preparing the team for football as well as being great young men off the field. We have been lucky enough to enroll two St. Agnes players into our program the past two years and could not be happier with how prepared they are for high school football. They are extremely coachable and disciplined on the field, great teammates and I am sure before they graduate will become great leaders for our program. We are thankful we have a relationship with a program like St. Agnes that will connect us with great student/athletes to attend our school.”  – Todd Fairlie,             The Episcopal Academy, Head Football Coach


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